Your franking machine reports a detection problem when you have just installed a new postage meter cartridge.

Check that you have installed the cartridge reference that corresponds to your printer model.
Check that you have removed all protective elements.
If necessary, wipe the electrical contacts with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust that may block detection.
For some cartridges, it is necessary to press firmly on the top in order to position the cartridge and align the electrical contacts.
Switch the printer off and on again before reinstalling the cartridge.
If these operations do not solve the problem, the cartridge must be replaced.
Make sure that the cartridge is correctly installed (it must not move in its position).

Make sure you have not removed any part of the cartridge other than the protective cover. Some removable parts are used to detect the cartridge.

If these actions do not correct the detection problem, it is necessary to have the cartridge replaced.