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Print quality and compatibility guaranteed

A real alternative to printer brands, the print cartridges manufactured by ARMOR cover more than 90% of the European printer fleet.

This is the opportunity for our customers to find all the cartridges in a version compatible with the brand of their printer!


Questions / Answers

  • Your printer shows the message "used or counterfeit cartridge" and asks you to confirm the start of each print on the control panel.

    The installed cartridge reuses the chip from the original cartridge. The printer has detected that this chip has already been used and asks for a confirmation at the start of each print job. To avoid the systematic confirmation request, it is possible to change the reminder setting. In the related documents chapter, you will find a video showing the procedure.

  • My cartridge is empty, what should I do with it?

    The cartridges are Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and must therefore be treated by approved channels. They must be placed in a collection point so that they can be recycled by a professional. You can contact your retailer so that he can inform you of the location of these collection points.

  • Your Epson printer reports a detection problem when you have just installed a new cartridge.

    As the cartridges look different from EPSON brand cartridges, it may be necessary to press a little harder on them to make sure they are properly installed. Push down where it says "PUSH" on the top label. Check that you have installed the correct cartridge number for your printer model. Check that the cartridge is placed in the correct slot in the printer, especially if several cartridges are replaced at the same time. If these actions do not correct the detection problem, it is necessary to have the cartridge replaced.

  • Will I damage my inkjet printer if I use a cartridge other than the manufacturer's?

    Our cartridges are subject to numerous printer qualification tests in order to guarantee a print quality similar to that of the manufacturer's cartridge. These tests also make it possible to ensure the reliability of the equipment over time.

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